Wednesday, 5 June 2013


pig from Pinehill11 on Vimeo.


  1. That was cool- From Jasmine
    You spoke nice and loud- Isabella
    I liked all of them, especiall the pig noises! Mason
    Cool pig- Safiya

    How did you make the pig noises?
    Do any of you have pet pigs? Lauren and Max from our class have pet pigs!

    1. We loved making the puppet pal movies.
      We don't have any pet pigs.
      We would like to know what Lauren and Max call their pigs?

      From Room 11
      Pinehill School

  2. Hi Room 11,
    Thank you for sharing these videos with us. I have seen some pigs before with my Uncle. It was on a farm. I fed the pigs some scrap food.

    From Arnold in Room 3.
    Mahora School

  3. Max- I dont have a name for my pig
    Lauren- My pig's name is Piggy

    They like to eat food scraps from out house.


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