Wednesday, 19 June 2013

5 Sentence Challenge - Mwilwa

...Hidden Treasure...
One day a boy named Jack was planting plants.  Suddenly he hit a box.  It was a treasure box.  Jack shouted "Mum, Dad I found treasure".  I found gold.


  1. Mrs Skinner (Team100)20 June 2013 at 01:36

    My word! What a luck strike Jack had finding that treasure Mwilwa. We are very lucky too to be able to read your writing. Thank you!

  2. Erin BVS (Team 5SC)21 June 2013 at 00:05

    That was lucky Mwilwa. I would have loved to find treasure in my garden!! Well done for capital letters, full stops, commas and speech marks! What an impressive piece of writing!However,you could add an exclamation mark (!) after Jack shouts to his Mum and Dad!


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