Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tai tells us about Coal.....

Tai shares his video with Room 11.  He could not bring Coal into school so he made a video to share his pet with us.

My Dog Coal from Maraea Rameka on Vimeo.


  1. I wish I couild have a big dog too.
    You are so luky!!!
    Eric Room 11

  2. Hello Tai

    Thank you for sharing the video of your dog. He looks very friendly.

    We had a school dog many years ago. Now it is too big and does not come to school anymore. Our dog's name is Coco.

    Broadlands School - Room 4

  3. Hi Tai,

    We really like your dog. I have a dog just like Coal at my house, his name is Fred.

    From Maia in Room 3.
    Mahora School

  4. We loved watching your video about Coal. He is so cute and very clever. We think Coal is well looked after and loved by his family. By Room 15 children.

  5. He looks so relaxed with you Tai! What a great video.

    James's mum


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